The DataTribe team is pleased to announce the acquisition of ReFirm Labs by Microsoft.  Congratulations to founders Terry Dunlap and Peter Eacmen, CEO Derick Naef, and the entire ReFirm team on the tremendous achievement. This milestone not only celebrates a successful exit but demonstrates that world-class engineers who honed their craft while serving their country, can find a pathway to a positive entrepreneurial outcome.

“The DataTribe team provided sound go-to-market advice as well as numerous introductions to customers and investors that were instrumental to helping ReFirm Labs achieve this great outcome. We’re looking forward to the next step in our journey as part of Microsoft" says CEO Derick Naef.

The DataTribe team and ReFirm founders recognized four years ago that firmware represented an attack vector that made trends such as cloud computing and connected devices vulnerable. Early on, the team evangelized the threat to equipment makers and enterprises, always wondering which group would recognize the issues and act.  First to implement were forward leaning thinkers within the federal community, service providers, & carriers invested in ensuring that the equipment that is connected to their vital networks were free from design flaws within the firmware of the devices. Soon, after pressure from their client enterprises, early adopter equipment manufacturers invested in reducing the vulnerabilities from within their own products. The recent executive order from the Biden administration further reinforces the importance of good cyber hygiene when designing and deploying connected devices.  It is now required by Federal networks and supply chains.  

DataTribe was founded with the belief that the world's strongest cyber talent resides within the US federal government and intelligence community; much of those teams reside just a few miles from the DataTribe offices.  The ReFirm transaction puts a stamp on that belief and will be the first of many more.

Learn more about the transaction at:

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